Black Women and the Making of “Chocolate City” July 18th

Treva B. Lindsey, Ph.D., author of the newly released Colored No More: Reinventing Black Womanhood in Washington. D.C. will discuss the unique and important role of black women in making Washington an intellectual, cultural, social, and political capital for African Americans in the early twentieth century. Black women in Washington during this period fought against racism and sexism. They created specific spaces for black women to thrive and imagine new possibilities post-slavery. The lasting impact of these women is felt throughout the city and has been woefully under-explored. This talk will introduce the world black women in Washington inhabited and shaped through their creativity, resiliency, and unwavering, but multidimensional commitment to freedom and equality.

Tuesday at 7 PM – 9 PM

Next Week · 73–91° Thunderstorms


The Potter’s House

1658 Columbia Rd NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20009



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