Article and Photography by JV Jones

All I can say is “Go Go isn’t going ANYWHERE!”  I think it’s safe to say that followers of the “Go Go” concerts are dedicated and loyal and could probably be called “GoGoheads” for those who know anything about the “Deadheads.”  They will continue to follow Go Go forever!  From the young to the old, everyone in the DMV know about Go Go.

Echostage was packed to capacity and the Fans of Go Go were ready to party to the sounds of RE (Rare Essence), JYB (Junkyard Band), BYB (Backyard Band) and UCB (Uncalled 4 Band)!  Go Go has been around for years and by the looks of this show, it isn’t going anywhere anytime SOON!  I had the opportunity to talk to a few fans of Go Go and the message was the same. “WE LOVE GO GO AND IT IS HERE TO STAY!”  It had to be the largest GO GO event EVER!

It started out with Junkyard Band and Uncalled 4 Band taking the stage and playing one band at a time while the other band enjoyed listening. Then the second half was Rare Essence and Backyard Band taking over the stage and playing one after the other.  Of course, the legendary DJ Dirty Rico was there and turned up the crowd. Rico continues to be an intricate part of Go Go along with KillaCal daanimal!

It was definitely an experience of a lifetime and if you haven’t had the opportunity to experience a Go Go Event like this, YOU DEFINITELY DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE MISSING!