Is Climate Change Causing Rising Sea Levels?

Do you have any idea how the environment is changing??  Our climate is constantly changing and we have to start making a difference in how we are living or they’re going to be major problems in the future that we may not be ready for!!

Climage change is having a great impact on rising sea levels. The average sea level around the world has risen about 8 inches in the past 100 years; scientists expect sea levels to rise more and more.

Sea levels can rise by two different mechanisms with respect to climate change. First, as the oceans warm due to an increasing global temperature, seawater expands, taking up more space in the ocean basin and causing a rise in water level. The second mechanism is the melting of ice over land, which then adds water to the ocean.  

Coastal cities such as New York are already seeing an increased number of flooding events and by 2050 many such cities may require seawalls to survive. Estimates vary, but conservatively sea levels are expected to rise 1 to 4 feet, enough to flood many small Pacific island states (Vanatu), famous beach resorts (Hilton Head) and coastal cities (Bangkok, Boston).  If the Antarctic ice shelf and/or the Greenland ice cap collapses, sea levels could rise by as much as 20 ft., which will affect for example, large parts of Florida, the Gulf Coast, New Orleans and Houston.

Scientists suggest climate change impacts within the next 100 years, if not sooner, the world’s glaciers will have disappeared, the Polar ice cap, and the huge Antarctic ice shelf, Greenland may be green again, and snow will probably become a rarity at what are now the world’s most popular ski resorts.

I know we may not want to admit that these problems are really occurring but it’s time for us to start making a difference and recognizing the TRUTH!!!!




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