Connect The City Talk Radio Show, Live Tonight At 7pm, April 18th

Connect the City is an Interactive Radio Talk Show which focuses on important topics and allows the callers to be an intricate part of the show, as well as, air their views. Connect the City covers the entire gamut on Relationships, Politics, Entertainment, Celebrity News & Current Events!

Each and every Tuesday evening at 7:00 p.m., Eastern, Connect the City ‘s Host, Millie in the City and Co-Host, JV Jones invite you to call (929) 477-3886 and let your voices and opinions be heard.  Not only is there a platform to address anything that needs to be heard across the country but there are also special guests included who can speak on important topics as well.  Thus far, Connect the City has talked about: Teens Missing in the Nation’s Capital, Sex and Relationships, How to Start a Non-Profit, Paternity Fraud and the list goes on.  Not to mention, monthly, Connect the City showcases Entrepreneurs and Businesses in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

If you are looking for a different type of radio talk show to listened to, then Connect the City definitely fulfills that and much more.  Also in an effort to stay connected with the concerns of the public, you are encouraged to share your thoughts about what you would like to have Connect the City talk about, because it’s all about “Real People, Real Talk! “


Connect the City will also be celebrating DC Comedians and Local Talent/Entertainers!!  STAY TUNED!!


For more information, contact:

Millie Holmes, Producer & Host


JV Jones, Co-Host