“Escape into the Sun-A Poetic Night” Real Truth about Human Trafficking Problem

“Remembering DC’s Missing Kids” Survivor Leaders and performers took to the stage at Takoma Station Tavern for a one-night event to combat human/sex trafficking in the DC Metropolitan Area hosted by Stacy Jewell Lewis.

Stacy Jewell Lewis is the writer and director of the award-winning stage play, “7 Layers Captive” in supporting local Anti-Human Trafficking Survivor Lead Organizations.

I knew that it would be an event that I would never forget just from the name, but I had no idea that I would hear these types of stories from victims of trafficking and to be quite honest, it literally broke my heart.  It was an evening of powerful spoken words and a musical journey performed by Ms. Jewell and fellow survivor, Shannan Nash Carter as they poetically shared their tragic but triumphant experiences of sex trafficking in Washington, DC!

We heard from Survivor Leader Experts, Shamere Mckenzie (winner of 2017’s Unlikely Heroes Award), Roxie Farrow (Founder of the DC Exodus Project), Sheila OraMae White (Co-chair of the first US Advisory Council on Human Trafficking and Co-Author of “The Survivors Guide to Leaving the Life”), Shannan Nash Carter (Singer/songwriter of Stolen from Playgrounds to Streetlights anthem “Confessions”) as they discussed the local impact of sex trafficking in our communities and the need to get involved!

Did you know that there are three types of trafficking: labor, sex, and organ trafficking? These are forms of modern day slavery that is an often overlooked and underreported problem in Washington, DC.

The victims of trafficking main goal were to tell their personal truths and stories, so they can help prevent future children and adults from becoming victims.  They all expressed how important it is to know the warning signs of someone who may be a victim of trafficking:

  • Inability to clarify where he/she is staying or living
  • Claims of a much older intimate or sexual partner
  • Lives/works in an abusive environment
  • Has sexual online profile on social media
  • Chronic runaway or truancy

Survivor Lead Anti-Human Trafficking Organizations DC Exodus Project, Sun Gate International and the Whoisstolen Creative Arts Troupe are sites you can visit to learn more about this major problem that plagues our communities:




It’s time to do our part to share these stories with others and educate our youth and adults in how to prevent these types of situations from happening to the NEXT POTENTIAL VICTIM!!

“Our goal for this event was to not only raise awareness of the growing human trafficking problem within our own communities. But for community members to see the faces and hear the voices of their very own who were trafficked in and around their neighborhoods. While also raising funds for Survivor Leaders working hard to help prevent and combat it,” said Stacy Jewell Lewis.

Article and Photography by JV Jones

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