Essence’s My City 4 Ways Sponsored By Ford

Host Loni Love was on-site at the My City 4 Ways event to find out what 4 things Atlanta is known for in food, music, art and fashion on May 21, 2017 at the Longview Gallery in DC; it brought out some of the district best taste makers as one of the stops on the road to the Essence Festival!  They really showcased what this city has to offer from music all the way to fashion and if this is any indication as to what the 2017 Essence Festival is going to be like…and I was all there for it!!!  Especially because I met Ginuwine in person.

Attendees also were able to experience a ride and drive in a FORD vehicle of their choice and received receive a free gift bag once they completed the ride.

This event was Spectacular at The Longview Gallery was filled to capacity with everyone having a blast!