Katt Williams’ Great America Tour Turned Out Royal Farms Arena

Katt Williams is DEFINITELY BACK and need I say more. The renowned comedian and actor returned to a sold out Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, MD for the Great America Tour.  As you may know, Katt is never one who is afraid to speak his mind and this night was no different. This tour was his chance to show that he’s funnier than ever and he left no stone unturned, as he kept his audience laughing for a solid hour.  As usual there was no filter at all but that is why he is so loved.  He gives it straight from the HIP!!!!

Also appearing was Comedian Mark Curry from the show “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper”,  Comedian Cory Zooman Miller and Comedian Eddie Bryant who all had the audience laughing so hard that everyone probably had a stomach ache by the time Katt took the stage.  Let me also not forget Comedian Red Grant, who was SOOO FUNNY and hosted the show with his great comedic moves and impressions.

Katt looked the part with his hair perfect, as well as his matching jacket and shoes.  Because of the new administration in office, Katt reassured the crowd that he is on the straight and narrow road from now on. The one thing he has that makes him so different from so many other comedians is his comical way of talking and delivering his jokes which makes him so unique and in a league of his own.

If you have not been to a Katt Williams show in a long time, you definitely have to check out the Great America Tour which focuses a lot on all the topics that America is concerned and talking about.  Katt continues to reinvent himself and surely gives you everything you came for and SO MUCH MORE!!