Kesha Breaks Down on ‘GMA’: This Record ‘Saved My Life’

Kesha has been in a legal battle for the past five years and battled everything from an eating disorder to depression, but recording her upcoming album, Rainbow, has helped her see the light.

During an emotional appearance on Good Morning America on Wednesday, August 9, the “Praying” singer broke down and shared that recording her new album “saved her life.”

“I’m just so many emotions,” Kesha told GMA’s Robin Roberts. “It’s so personal. I’ve written every song on this album and they’re all so personal.”

“This song [‘Praying’] I think is just really important because it talks about me personally going through something very hard, lots of very hard things, making it through, not giving up, and finding empathy on the other side,” the singer added. “This record quite literally saved my life.”