The NEW paradigm for Love Relationships is HERE by Debrena Jackson Gandy

The NEW paradigm for Love Relationships is HERE by Debrena Jackson Gandy




Supreme Sacred Self-Care – The pivotal key to attracting HEALTHY Love Relationships


Lately, I’ve been receiving a LOT more “S. O. S.” phone calls from single women from around the country….

  1. “S. O. S.” calls are my term for urgent phone calls  I receive from across the country, from students, mentees, or readers of my newest book, The Love Lies,  where a woman has a pressing situation, issue or question that she wants some on-the-spot insight on….before she makes a wrong move; before she reacts (instead of responds), and before she let’s her emotions “avalanche” her.

The Western culture, truth be told, actually teaches us self-neglect, negative self-denial, martyrdom ,and negative self-sacrifice — instead of sacred self-care. Just take a look at the negative internal conversations we struggle with.  Just take a look at the constant assault on our self-concept we can receive from multiple directions, and the constant energy asserted towards neutralizing and negating the “not good enough” messages that we receive as we’re growing up, and through what we see, surmise and hear in the media.

Then we are confounded as to WHY we keep attracting a certain caliber of men, OR keep having certain BEHAVIORS show up in the men that we attract.  Actually, It is consistent with where our level of self-love REALLY is…. (take a breath on that one…whooo-saaah)

This is the truth that lies beneath why so many of us struggle with authentic, deeply rooted  and grounded sacred self-care.  The most telling evidence of this struggle is HOW MEN RESPOND TO US in love relationships, and what we allow and tolerate that we shouldn’t.

Fabulous One, I need you to GET that Sacred self-care goes far beyond DOING certain things. Sacred self-care is about a completely different and NEW paradigm for relating to your own mind, body, spirit, energy, others, and especially MEN.

Sacred self-care is rooted is a FOUNDATIONAL belief system for a woman, and a very specific mindset, out of which EMERGES certain decisions, choices, and behaviors – decisions, choices and behaviors that are self-caring in nature.

When I hear single women speak of “not wanting to settle,” or complaining about “how men are,” or they speak of continuing to attract men that exhibit certain behaviors that they don’t want or like, then I know that she is NOT operating from a place and space of sacred self-care.  And even though this is far too common, it does NOT have to be…

Sacred self-care goes far beyond what you DO – it creates the context for your very being, the level of your consciousness, HOW you see yourself in relationship to the Creator, your inner attitude, core beliefs about yourself, core beliefs about being born into a female body, and core beliefs and premises that make up the bedrock of how you PERCEIVE and RELATE to life.

Experiencing a  breakthrough in your understanding and embodiment of Supreme Sacred Self-Care (where you’re living it, walking it out, and it is integrated into your BEING) translates into a breakthrough in WHO and WHAT you attract in the area of love relationships.

You see, men are wired to RESPOND to us.  As women, we set the tone AND the pace of relationships,not men.  So when something is occurring, as a negative pattern, that we don’t like or don’t want, many times it is because he’s RESPONDING….to YOU.

This topic and others are what I want to discuss, heart to heart, with single ladies….because you have the power to change this response. You have more power than you think (natural feminine power) that we tend NOT to understand, don’t fully utilize, or we misuse or abuse.

No longer…no longer…Ladies, it is time for a new relationships paradigm.

So that I can inform you of WHEN my newest tele-course, FOR SINGLE LADIES, is being revealed (coming soon!), you are invited to JOIN the Relationships Revolution so that we can stay connected and so that you can be plugged in.  I am looking to work with Single Ladies who are READY for a breakthrough.

It is a NEW day, and it is time for a NEW paradigm for how we relate and engage with men. I am one of the illuminators and insight-givers of this new paradigm, and I am also here to be one of your guides intothis new paradigm.  Are you INTERESTED? I hope so.

Looking forward to staying connected!!


Debrena Jackson Gandy

Relationships Readiness and Detox Coach (for single AND married women)