Priest Tyaire’s Play, MOMMA’S BOY Is A MUST SEE!!!

Congratulations Priest Tyaire on the Play, MOMMA’S BOY and the Success You DESERVE!!

I didn’t know what to expect before seeing the play, but I can say that I was so surprised that it was one of the funniest and entertaining plays I have seen in a VERY LONG TIME!!  Not to mention, it talked about a very touchy subject that affects so many!

The best part about this play was the sense of surprise. All the casts were great and the singing was AWESOME as well!  Jackee, who we love from the show “227” was her sexy and adorable self. Shirley Murdock sang here heart out and showed that she can still sing like Shirley Murdock!!  Robin Givens was so beautiful and brought so much to her character.  As always, the crowd went crazy when Johnny Gill hit the stage.  Anthony Brown, Gary LIL G Jenkins and Dawn Robinson were also great, but if you haven’t heard, Nephew Tommy brought the house down with his characters and kept the audience laughing all through the play.  I have no words to describe the son “Delicious” but you have to see the play to fully understand what I’m talking about.  He was so FANTASTIC in that part and I’m sure we will be seeing more of him in the future!

It had to be the funniest play I have seen in a long time.  The overall subject was definitely something that affects many families and the outcome of the play was positive and encouraging!

I give “MOMMA’S BOY”  5 THUMBS UP!!!

If you have a chance to see it, tell them DC Nitelife sent you.  Enjoy the LAUGHTER and the RIDE!!!

Article and Photographs by JV Jones

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