Roberson Ignites Fire at the Howard Theatre

Sporting a black, 3-piece suit with pink accessories, Roberson played to a near capacity crowd on Saturday night, the second of two performances to mark the release of his highly anticipated album, FIRE.

Images by Cara-Lynn Birts and Rodney Black, article by Rodney Black

The pink shirt, handkerchief, and lapel flower were worn in support of his partnership with REAL MEN WEAR PINK, DC, a distinguished group of community leaders determined to raise awareness and money to support the American Cancer Society’s mission and save more lives than ever before from breast cancer.’ The pink feather in his black, trademark fedora was a nice touch and served to highlight Roberson’s own unique sense of style. The nights’ performance, like the suit and accessories, was classic Erro, and as well highlighted his own unique musical style, which fans around the world have come to love and appreciate.

The new album, FIRE, is his third studio album this year, and completes Robeson’s ‘elements’ trilogy that began with EARTH (released April 21st) and was followed up by WIND, which was released on July 21st.  As one might logically conclude, FIRE, like WIND, and before it, EARTH gleans inspiration from the iconic band often referred to by fans as “The Elements”. Like ‘Open Our Eyes’ (1974), ‘That’s The Way of the World’ (1975), and ‘Touch The World’ (1987), FIRE is both music and message, inspiring both relaxation and reflection. ‘Tamir’, a stirring ode to Tamir Rice, struck a nerve with the audience as well as with Roberson, who is the father to three sons. Keep On, reminded us that, if we choose, nothing can stand in our way. FIRE is lit, and like the previous WIND and EARTH, are well worth your hard earned $$. You can find the albums, as well as merchandise and ‘All Things Eric’ at www.ericrobersonmusic.com.

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