Spotlighting Holistic Practitioner, Maria Talton

DC Nitelife is Spotlighting Holistic Practitioner, Maria Talton.

Now and wanting to help an even wider array of people, Talton opened her own business. By working as a Holistic Practitioner, Talton has dedicated her life to those looking for alternative treatments. Therefore, in 2014, Sonja Secrets Wellness Center, located in Annapolis, Maryland, was officially opened. Her mission through her business is to create the perfect balance between Western and Holistic medicine. Maria Talton earned her Masters degree in Aromatherapy in March of 2016.

As a certified Aromatherapist, Talton has for years now been helping individuals to heal naturally. Through her years of experience, Talton creates remedies with only all natural ingredients. In fact, her recipes for Aromatherapy are inspired by ancient medical systems from millenniums ago.

Maria Talton has dedicated her life to healing. By combining Aromatherapy, all natural ingredients and Holistic beliefs, she has been able to successfully aide those in need of other options. Her years of experience and training have relieved the physical and emotional negativity most feel when they face sickness and just life in general. From life threatening illnesses to the simple pains one feels from everyday stresses or work, Talton as opened an alternative path for those who may not know they have one. Whether it’s with gemstone therapy, meditation, reflexology, chakra clearing or energy work, Talton has used her gift and ability in nature to heal. For this fact, she has been and will always be a source of relief for all who need her. 

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