Takoma Park Earth Day Festival on April 22nd

Magical! Whimsical! Green!

On Saturday April 22nd, 2017, TPSS Co-op invites you to a community celebration in honor of Mama Earth! Join us as we transform the Takoma Junction parking lot into a frolicking green realm of festivities, rekindling our connection to this amazing and wondrous planet that we call home.

In the spirit of 36 years of the TPSS Co-op mission, we will come together, strong in our roots of environmental activism and our commitment to bio-diversity with a collective of local artisans, farmers, food vendors, green & organic businesses, community leaders, non-profit organizations, whimsical musicians, performers and a fairy glen for enchanted folks of all ages to celebrate Earth Day. To get involved contact Denise Cumor at outreach@tpsscoop