Trump Sends Unprecedented Message To US Troops, Refuses To Visit Combat Zones

Donald Trump has more free time than ever before. Not only does he have enough time to play golf for a week straight (even though he promised to get back to work), but he refuses to take any meetings before 11 a.m. so he can binge-watch cable news all morning during his mysterious “Executive Time.” His schedule is now filled with even fewer meetings than last year, and his presidency is looking more and more like a vacation than a responsibility to the country. And yet, Trump still won’t make any time to visit American troops in combat zones.

That’s right – Trump made zero time to visit these troops last year, and this year probably won’t be any different despite his more relaxed schedule. Trump has broken American tradition by ignoring these troops, and now American veterans are speaking up and slamming the president for his negligence.

Trump can brag all he wants about how much he cares about the military and how he’s going to increase the military’s budget substantially, but the truth of the matter is that he’s all talk. He’s avoided places like Afghanistan and Iraq, despite the fact that approximately 20,000 U.S. troops are there. Veterans have noticed, and now they’re exposing Trump for his cowardice:

“First off, Donald Trump’s been avoiding combat zones since 1964 when he got his first draft deferment.” – @will_c_fischer , VoteVets Director of Government Relations and an Iraq War veteran, on @potus not visiting troops stationed overseas. 

Trump faces criticism for not visiting troops in combat zones

In almost a year since President Trump took office, he’s yet to visit troops stationed overseas in a combat zone.

Let’s not forget that before Trump was eligible to be drafted during the Vietnam War, he was an athlete. Then, he mysteriously developed bone spurs to that he could avoid going into the military.

Trump’s avoidance of these troops is unprecedented, setting yet another new low in his presidency. Every single president has visited U.S. troops in combat zones until Trump. Barack Obama visited several times during his two terms, with his first visit being just three months into his first term.

“Troops serving in combat speak of a shared, nagging sense that, apart from family and friends, most Americans back home seem oblivious or have forgotten that U.S. military members are still risking their lives overseas. But this sentiment melts away for the moment when the commander in chief comes calling.”

The truth of the matter is that Trump has more than enough time to visit the troops (he barely works 35 hours a week as it is). But he’s not going to, because he doesn’t care about them.

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