An Alleged Victim Of R. Kelly’s Sex Cult Speaks Out: “Rob Is The One Who Took My Virginity”

Chile! Monday is already starting off with some really hot tea.

Jheronda Pace, a victim of R. Kelly’s alleged sex cult made a visit to “The Real,” and talked in detail about how she was initiated into his cult, what it was like being a part of his cult, and how she was ultimately able to escape from him.

During her interview, she revealed to “The Real” co-hosts how she was “trained” to please R. Kelly.

She said, “The trainer, it’s a woman, she trains you to please him sexually. She taught me how to please him, she also taught me what I liked.”

She went into more detail about when they met and said, “I got invited to his tour bus. I went out to his tour bus and you have him naked and her naked, and I’m looking like ‘okay, what is this because Rob is the one who took my virginity.”

Pace also alleged that the singer would physically abuse her and lock her in the room for days, and also explained when she finally found the moment to escape.

If you watched “The Talk” like I did, the interview that was done still leave a bad taste in my mouth.  The kind of taste that just won’t leave until some more questions are answered.  IJS

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