Ask Millie


This week’s question originated from my Women vs. Men Relationship Forum held on September 19, 2015.

This controversial question was posed by a gentleman named Mark in a room full of black women whom were anxious to address his question but I decided to tackle it first.  His question was Why do black women expect so much from black men but don’t expect the same of white men and other races?Â  Of course, this started a major disturbance in the room and most of the women were not happy nor understood why he was asking this question.  At first I was offended by his question but after thinking for a moment I was more confused than offended.

Although I have never dated outside my race I felt that it needed to be said that I do not expect any more from a black man than I do from any other man of any race.  I would think that most women are more concerned with being loved, respected, cherished and supported by any man¦.period!!!

At that point, most of the women rushed to the microphone to piggy off what I said.  The next woman who addressed this question was Tammi.  She is a black woman who has dated black men and men outside her race.  Tammi said that she expects a man to be loving, loyal, honest, nurturing, and just to be there for her and only her.  She ended by saying she needs a man to be in her corner and not just for his blackness but because he is a man and there you have it!