Conya Doss, “The Queen of Indie Soul”

Article and Photography by Rodney Black

Late April. The weather is heating up, and so is the live music scene at Bethesda Blues & Jazz. Conya Doss, “The Queen of Indie Soul”, once again graced the DMV with her eclectic style of music and captivating stage presence. Both beautiful and talented, Doss radiated energy in a simple silk blouse and crown of stunning bronze dreadlocks. The intimate crowd of devoted fans, having traded the muggy Sunday night for the cool confines of Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club, were in for a treat.

Full of both energy and emotion, Doss, who’s also a high school math teacher, educated those in attendance (including this writer) using her 15 year, 7 album career (#8 is on the way!) as her textbook. From ‘Missing You’ and the percussion heavy ’Don’t Change’, to the soulful ‘What I’d Do’, which featured a truly memorable cameo by Carmen, a member of the audience, it was a class we students won’t soon forget.

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