Eric Benét Gave His Heart and Soul at Bethesda Blues & Jazz

Eric Benét Gave His Heart and Soul at Bethesda Blues & Jazz

I can hardly describe the audience as they waited patiently for the R&B crooner, song writer Eric Benét to take the stage.

Host and MC for the evening Eddie Bryant of our Nation’s Capital gives us some of his comedic brilliance captures and retains the attention of audiences and takes them on a smooth ride to the other side of hilarity. One of his comic stories was him asking a guy “Where did he get his North Face jacket.” The guy said “At the Shrimp Boat on East Capitol.” The audience was in stitches. However, they were hoping he would introduce the highlight of the evening, “Eric Benét.

Coming to the stage casually dressed in Khakis, a T-Shirt under his soft reddish jacket and sun glasses, R&B extraordinaire, songwriter and actor Eric Benét takes the stage with the song Spiritual Thang, Chocolate Legs, Spend My Life, (singing with Eric, songbird Jessica Jolia). Benét brings “I Wanna Be Loved, Georgy Porgy and Sometimes I Cry.”

Benét acknowledged the singers that influenced him, like Frankie Beverly & Maze and how Maurice White told him how he was keeping his eyes on him. Eric began to sing “I Got News for You.” Love of My Own.

Benét mentions how the statement “Musical Genesis” does not apply to him. However, the phrase would only apply to a small community of artist, and at the top of the list is “PRINCE.”  Eric sang Prince’s “Wanna Be Your Lover” and the entire Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club were on their feet.

Benét expressed how it feels good to announce his new single “Sunshine” is the single that reaches back to the things we use to do.

If you have not had an opportunity to experience Eric Benét’s concert then you are really missing out on a phenomenal show and performance. 

Article by Linda Wayne and photography by Omar Davis


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