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Exclusive, Big Mike's Gluten Free Baking - DC Nitelife

Exclusive, Big Mike’s Gluten Free Baking

If you are looking for the best in gluten free food then Big Mike’s Gluten Free Baking is your answer.  Big Mike’s Gluten Free baked products are made from the finest and freshest all natural organic ingredients and are free of any wheat, soy or rye flour.

After being diagnosed with Celiac in 2010, the owner, Michael Hopkins had to change his life in many ways, personally as well as professionally.  He realized how difficult it was for people suffering from food allergies and conditions such as Celiac, to enjoy many of their favorite foods. During his child hood years, Big Mike spent many days baking with his grandmother in Reidsville, NC and learning all about pies and cakes which stayed with him for years to come.  It became his passion to create desserts that are not only gluten free, but taste great.

At Big Mike’s Gluten-Free, baking is their passion and they want to satisfy your sweet tooth. Try Big Mike’s Gluten Free Baking and let your taste buds decide.

Your stomach will thank you!

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By J V Jones

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