Fans Cash Rain Check as Rakim Moves the Crowd at the Howard Theatre

Fans Cash Rain Check as Rakim Moves the Crowd

January 6, Howard Theater

Returning for the performance postponed by a car accident the previous weekend, hip hop legend and mater lyricist Rakim heated up the stage in the chilly Howard Theater. As the frigid winter temperatures crept inside the historic venue, those in attendance were ‘Doing it with the R’.

Widely regarded as perhaps the greatest MC of all time, The God MC took us on a ‘journey through sound’, taking the small crowd back in time as he ripped through his extensive catalog of hip hop classics: Don’t Sweat the Technique, My Melody, I Know You Got Soul, I Ain’t No Joke, and of course the chart topping Microphone Fiend. After 30 years in the game, Kid Wizard showed he still had Juice as hip hop fans of all ages, colors and sizes braved the bitter cold to Follow the Leader.

By Cara Lynn Birts and Rodney Black

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