Fantasia’s Live Performance at Royal Farms Arena

The fiery, take her shoes off, American Idol winner, Fantasia, was nothing short of amazing.  She performed her old hits and her new hits that we all adore and sang along to.  Her performance was explosive from beginning to end and she engaged the audience by talking about  her trials and tribulations that I am sure we could relate to.  She also showcased he backup singers and propelled them into the spotlight.  Let me just say, these women could “SANG”, and sang, they did, uplifting the crowd at the same time.  This was my first time seeing Fantasia and I must say, that my respect level for her was already at one hundred percent but this performance took it to a thousand percent, for me at least.   The treat for me was that she sang one of my favorite Gospel songs “Total Praise” and brought me personally to tears.

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