Kent Jones, The Man with the Song of the Summer

Kent Jones, The Man with the Song of the Summer

Kent Jones, a trained jazz musician, the Florida native names Duke Ellington, Hall & Oates, Lil Wayne and Kanye West among his influences, which serves as a testament to his ethos: music – no matter the form or genre – is symbiotic. Ask him how playing the piano and drums aids in writing melodies and rhymes, and he’ll tell you it’s all the same. Ask if he’s artist or producer first, and he’ll tell you there’s no difference. For Jones, music is a single force taking on various shapes and colors.

Enter his smash hit, “Don’t Mind.” A worthy addiction, the feel-good track infuses greetings in six languages with an interpolation of Barry White’s “Practice What You Preach” over a thumping bass. Up against relentless anthems by Drake, Rihanna and the like, Jones’s jam comes out on top as the audible screenshot of #Summer16. The song – which was almost excluded from his 2015 Tours mixtape – became the unexpected hit that catapulted its creator into the spotlight.

Gearing up to deliver a project that will serve as his defining moment, Kent Jones promises more in store. Get familiar.

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