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Modern Day Cupid
Modern Day Cupid

I’m back, its Millie with Millie in the City Matchmaking. Now, in just one month, Millie’s Corner has become the number one dating and relationship forum in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. Now that we have gotten that out the way, let’s discuss the major Relationship Forum”rightfully called”Women vs. Men Part 2! That was held last week hosted by yours truly, Millie in the City Matchmaking. And, what a relationship forum it was. This event was extra special because Brian Harris with GDE TV (Green Dragon Entertainment TV), was present and covered the entire event. This article is appropriately titled: Millie the Matchmaker on the rise!

On October 17th, I hosted another relationship forum simply to help singles get all the relationship answers they needed. Each sex (Male & Female), had the opportunity to ask questions to the opposing sex and receive direct responses. The topics discussed at this forum addressed the Washington, DC’s Metropolitan area dating scene and how challenging it is for singles. We as professionals and people in general prepare our entire lives getting ready for that special someone. We attend college, obtain our dream job, purchase a home, attend college again, and true love is nowhere to be found. We feel that we have so much to offer, but we cannot find anyone who is compatible enough to date longer than a month or sometime to date at all.  I also know that most of us have done everything in our power to create a makeup of who we are and characteristic traits that we would love to attract, but we continue to fall short. Doubt starts to creep in, and we question the Cosmic Love plan for our lives.

So, if you found yourself asking some of the following questions: Will I be alone forever?, Am I attractive?, Why am I not getting approached?, Are my standards too high?, Should I work things out with my ex?, Should I settle for anyone who shows interest and are consistent?, Should I approach a man?, What does it mean to be equally yoked?, What is the best way to approach a woman?, Why is she demanding a relationship so quickly?, Do all men cheat?, or How do you overcome public rejection?. You should have attended this forum because most of those questions were asked and answered.

I must say that this event was my best one thus far. It was interactive from both sexes and even the men were brutally honest. Some of the men there thought that some of the women were not being honest about the topic of a man’s finances but that sub. All in all, I appreciated all the singles who came and special guest authors and I hope they received the answers they were looking for.

Quick side bar: I got my makeup done by the infamous makeup artist, Sharon Richmond. I not only looked super fab, I felt like a celebrity. Ms. Richmond can be contacted at (301) 439-6005, or Millie Holmes can be reached by email at or on Social Media:

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