Millie’s Women vs. Men Relationship Forum at OTI was A Great Success

DC Nitelife was front and center at the 2nd Millie’s Women vs. Men Relationship Forum at OTI was A Great Success at OTI and matchmaking was taken to a whole new level.  Millie Holmes who is known as the Modern Day Cupid hosted a phenomenal Women vs. Men Relationship Forum at Old Town Inn in Largo, MD.

After many requests from attendees of the 1st event and individuals who were not able to attend, Millie decided it was necessary to put together another event.

This matchmaking forum was full of singles as well as a few individuals who are already involved in a relationship and were able to give advice from their own experiences.

Men and women were asked to write down their question and each one would be addressed.  It was a very passionate 2 hours of conversation in which everyone were able to express their desires and concerns when it comes to understanding and relating to the opposite sex.  It led the way for some heartfelt, eye opening discussions.  It was evident from the comments that this type of event is definitely necessary and it was well received by everyone who attended.  Darrell Owens, author of Love Reworked gave a lot of important information and tips on how to date successfully as well as answering questions from the attendees.

Millie is ready to find the perfect match for you so let her do what she does best.  If you are tired of trying to find that right person, contact Millie by email at millieinthecity@gmail.com.

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DC Nitelife will see you at the next event.  Stay tuned for further information!