Newly Weds Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Eager to Have Kids

Jennifer Aniston

The recent rumor surrounding Jennifer Aniston talks about motherhood. Just after the wedding ceremony and being married to actor Justin Theroux, the new couple is thinking about starting a family by adopting a child from Mexico. Read on for more details.

The Friends star is said to have been talking with the staff from an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico named Casa Hogar Sion, which is a hospice and home for orphans. The reports say that actress plans to adopt, not just one, but two children.

According to DesignTrend, the couple is not sure whether to adopt two kids at once or follow the legal route and apply for legal custody for one child then adopt another one later on. If they opt for the later option, the insider said that the newly-weds recognize the complexity, but they are ready to give it a go.

Regardless of how they would manage to get their child, the couple is excited and looking to start their very own family as soon as possible. It was even if they just got married early this August in a private ceremony in the couple’s Beverly Hills Home.

They both want this to happen as soon as possible. Jen has always longed for a daughter, possibly because her relationship with her own mother has been a lifelong emotional roller-coaster, reveals an insider. The source continued Justin, meanwhile, says he would love to have a son, as reported by Enstarz.

Even if they are unsure whether they would get a boy or a girl and if they would adopt or apply for custody, what we do know is that Aniston is ready to embrace the wonders of motherhood.

She has always been aware that a combination of her age and the enormously busy schedules she and Justin have to juggle mean that her chances of natural conception have probably slipped away completely, as reported by NewsEveryday.

By Jerone Cruz

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