Paul Lamar Hunter Story Is Encouragement to African Americans

By Merdies Hayes/Our Weekly Los Angeles

Hunter admits that not many persons gave him much of a chance at entering college, let alone graduating with honors. A determined spirit, he explained, provided him with the energy and character to realize his dream of a college education and the ability to spread a positive message to thousands of Black boys and girls in encouraging them to realize their potential.

“My story is unusual, but the process I went though is not impossible,” Hunter explained. “So many of our young people need positive direction and encouragement as they approach adulthood. It begins at home and the love and devotion from parents is critical to the success of our youth.”

Hunter relayed a seminal moment of youth that demonstrated how faith can pay a tremendous role in future success.

“I remember a particular Thanksgiving when we didn’t have food,” he said. “This was not unusual for us, but this one holiday I witnessed my mother praying for guidance. The next day people—complete strangers mind you—brought enough food for our Thanksgiving meal. That demonstrated to me that miracles do happen. That faith helped send me to college. I knew that by surrounding myself with positive, Christian people I would be successful in my work and complete my objective.”

Today, Hunter has set his sights set on spreading his story on an even larger stage. A screenplay has been written about his book and he’s entertaining offers from Hollywood filmmakers. Also, he has his eye on participating in the celebrity game at next week’s NBA All Star Weekend at Staples Center.

“And I plan on playing in that game,” he said emphatically. “Practically nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it and work hard. Rising from poverty to become a college graduate, speaker and—who knows—the subject of a Hollywood movie. If you can visualize yourself succeeding—despite the odds against you—then that’s half of the battle and you are well on your way to fulfilling your dreams.”

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