Roosevelt’s Unseen Presence A Father’s Day Play

Roosevelt’s Unseen Presence A Father’s Day Play at the Howard Theatre


On Saturday, June 18, 2016 at 1:00 pm

The Howard Theatre will present Roosevelt’s, Unseen Presence a Father Day Matinee stage play which takes audiences on a blustery journey through a chain of peculiar events leading one from the heart of the streets, then to a resting place where only your soul and heart could have the fortuitous meeting of destiny.

This production is written and directed by  a local playwright that has produced plays and movies in and around the area for the past 6 years. This will be his third appearance at the theatre.

“UNSEEN PRESENCE” is the story of a group of fathers whom struggle to overcome many obstacles throughout their lives. Unseen Presence is the story of fathers who must become men and men who must become fathers through the constant struggles of everyday life while living with the societal misconception that plagues the outlook of who they really are. Their devotion and love for Christ, guides them on the right path for several years, but as life would have it, a chain of peculiar events from their past begin to make them question their trust and loyalty to the One who has brought them thus far. Just as their faith starts to ripple and wear thin they must find it within themselves to stay steadfast and unmovable. This father day stage-play will take you to the heart of the streets, then to the pulpit of the church and finally, to the resting place only your soul and heart could ever have the chance meeting of the faiths. It addresses our everyday issues and provides you with the reassurance that no matter what happens in your lifetime, your soul could never be lost, only healed.

Jay struggles with the loss of his only son to the senseless violence of the streets, while trying to mend the relationship with his estranged wife and adolescent daughter who both need and want them in their lives. Tony is faced with how his past decisions are now affecting the developing relationship with his teenage son, while fighting for his dignity as a changed man in today’s society that deserves another chance at life. Frank’s alter ego has shattered the once loving bond he shared with his fiancé once she discovers things are not what they appear. Even though these men trials and tribulations have them bound from their past they must find it within themselves to stay steadfast and unmovable. They are never left alone because of the love and loyalty of the women in their lives whom uplift and remind them of who they are, and not who society says they should be. This director’s unpredictable and imaginative production will keep audiences captivated and entertained.

About the Producer:
Roosevelt’s company was created over 20 years ago with his first underground urban movie N It 2 Win It (1995). After suffering some true to life set-backs and becoming homeless several years later, he finally began to put the pieces of his life together again. He began writing again and allowed the past to be just that. He went on to write and produce his break out hit, Can You Turn Your Back on God’s Glory? (2011).This play was shown to a sold out crowd at THEARC Theater and has toured 6 major cities that have had stellar turnouts as well. He has since produced 6 other stage-plays in the past 3 years, Through Darkness Came Light (2011), If Loving God is Wrong I Don’t Want to be Right! (2012) A Father’s Seed (2012), You Can’t Go Back (2012), The Other Side of Pain (2013). “Through Darkness Come Light” (2014) “Sheets of Deception” (2014) “Breaking Walls” (2014) “Misconception of A Father” (2015) “Life According to Rasheeda” (2015) “Life According to Rasheeda II” (2016)

The Cast:
Kristin Lanae Gray
Cross Thompson
Kermit Congo Meredith
Shae Price

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