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Spotlighting Candidate Karen Elizabeth Porter, County Council District 8 - DC Nitelife

Spotlighting Candidate Karen Elizabeth Porter, County Council District 8

DC Nitelife is Spotlighting Karen Elizabeth Porter.  Karen is a strong and passionate leader driven by dedication, determination, and commitment to the people of District 8 to make the changes that will impact the lives of her community.

Karen is knowledgeable but not limited:

  • United States Army Veteran
  • Federal Government Employee working for numerous governmental agencies
  • Prince George’s Community College and University of Maryland Alumni
  • District of Columbia Department of Corrections as a Correctional Officer
  • Educator for the Maryland Public Schools
  • Active Member of Head Start Committee
  • Pastoral Certification
  • Philanthropist
  • Campaigned for President Obama
  • Prince George’s County Board of Elections Judge
  • Advocate for children with Autism
  • Resident of District 8 for 35 years
  • Advocate for the Anti – Bullying policy with the Board of Education

My goal is to improve our children education, provide safer neighborhoods, implement policies to

improve zoning and land, promote and sustain minority businesses, and provide resources and host

events for Seniors and Veterans of our community to build a better community so “Together We Can

and We Will change our community in order to impact the next generation.”

What qualifies Karen Elizabeth Porter to be a County Council Woman for District 8:

I am like many of you here this morning who want District 8 to flourish with opportunities for all. I have been a resident for 35 years in District 8.

I worked for the Board of Elections as an Election Judge for several years, worked on President Obama’s Campaign, and dedicated countless hour in service to my community to give back to the community. I have dedicated my life to serving others by feeding the homeless, visiting the sick in hospitals through my church, and provided healthy snacks to children.

My background as a Federal Government employee, educator in Prince George’s county public schools, corrections officer, and advocate have given me the skills needed to oversee projects, manage complex situations and understand the overall needs of my community. I hold a bachelor’s degree in law enforcement with a minor in paralegal. I have a keen ability to recognize problems and apply the appropriate resources to correct them.


I invision a future District 8 that has increased bus service, state of the art learning centers in each neighborhood that help our children excel academically, a greater investment and connectivity of senior programming, increased access to quality medical care, programs specifically designed to uplift our veterans, a rise in employment, reduced road congestion, clean streets, and overall beautification.


I will serve District 8 with a community-based approach. My goal is to help District 8 to flourish to be all it can be, block by block and neighborhood by neighborhood for the men, women and children of our community. As your County Councilwoman, I will;

  • Push for transparency in government
  • Sponsor legislation and polices that will improved management and oversite of our school system
  • Improve access to job training and employment opportunities for the unemployed and under employed
  • Ensure beautification of neighborhoods
  • Work to further extend bidding opportunities to small, women owned, and minority businesses
  • Work to reduction in crime; and
  • As a campaign promise work to eliminate the senseless loss of life on our roadways.

I am not backed by big business, I am not for sale and cannot be bought. I am for the people and I will stand by the people. If a piece legislation or policy is not good for our community, I will not support it! I am determined to work to restore the power to the people of District 8 and Prince George’s County as a whole. It has been my great honor to serve in the United States military and it would be an honor to serve you. “Together We Can and We Will” make the changes to better our community.

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