Spotlighting Charles C. Mack and the VIP Auto Appearance Center

DC Nitelife is spotlighting Charles C. Mack and the VIP Auto Appearance Center.  It is a Christian Minority Owned Business.  They have been operating in business since 1980 and their main operating business facility is currently located at 9127 Piscataway Road in Clinton, Maryland 20735. VIP Auto Appearance Center won the coveted Neighborhood Awards sponsored by the one and only Steve Harvey, twice, once in 2005 and in 2009 for being the best auto detailer in the United States.

Mr. Mack began his rise to entrepreneurship through many setbacks that became accomplishments.  He graduated from the University of the District of Columbia with three degrees.  An Associate in Respiratory Therapy, an Associate in Nursing and a Bachelor in Science in Health Education.  After many setbacks he was told he could not hold a part time or full time job and pursue his, at that time, a Bachelors in Anesthesiology.  After being informed of this setback, Mr. Mack purchased a mobile auto appearance franchise called Tidy Car and has never looked back.  Mr. Mack currently works as an Emergency room staff nurse as well as the CEO of VIP Auto Appearance Center.

VIP specializes in auto appearance/security, appearance accessories, window tinting, and personal emergency response security systems.

VIP offers many auto appearance/security and accessory brands that are too numerous to mention in this statement.  Two of our professional services are unmatched by our competition, specifically auto security and auto appearance.

VIP can truly say that your car cannot be stolen with our security system in use and NO ONE can preserve your vehicle better than VIP.  “NO BRAG JUST FACT!”  Let them give you a FREE DEMONSTRATION to these accomplishments.

To get a more precise picture of the many services and appearance packages offered by their company, please go to: or call 301-877-0117 (office), 240-626-3845.


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