Spotlighting Melinda Robertson, Author and Empowerment Speaker

DC Nitelife is Spotlighting Melinda Robertson, an author, empowerment speaker, mother and grandmother.  Her experience as a teen mother compelled her to write her first novel, “Motherhood… What You Don’t Know!” (2005) in an attempt to combat the teen pregnancy issue that has plagued communities nationwide for years.  Since the release of “Motherhood…What You Don’t Know!” Ms. Robertson has become a highly sought after empowerment speaker who has conducted numerous teen workshops for local churches and libraries. “Motherhood….What You Don’t Know!” has been featured in various newspapers, and on two nationally syndicated radio shows, “The Russ Par Morning Show” and “The Wendy Williams Experience” in New York City.

Ms. Robertson’s second novel, “Fatherhood…What You Ought to Know” for teen boys was released in April 2007.  She believes properly educating boys about sex, and the responsibilities they have to prevent unwanted pregnancies, is essential to reducing the teen pregnancy rate.  In her latest novel, Ms. Robertson addresses many issues boys all across the nation are growing up with today (i.e. absent fathers, raging hormones, peer pressure, violence,  death, etc.)  It’s REAL!

Ms. Robertson ventured into new territory targeting a more mature audience in her third novel, “Mistaken Identity,” released in December 2014. This fast paced story takes you into the life of a modern day single woman who plays by her own rules and ultimately changes the dating game. Morgan McIntire is thirty-three years old and living the single life. She is financially stable, has a successful career, and travels the world, but when it comes to matters of the heart she hasn’t been happy in years.  Morgan, like many single women, is looking for love in the all the wrong places and eventually gets “caught up in the rapture of love” with the different men in her life.

Ms. Robertson is releasing her latest novel, “The AboveGround Railroad,” in February 2018. It’s the story of Henry Madison, a twenty-year old college student wrongfully accused of murdering a fellow student during a brawl on campus. Henry proclaimed his innocence from day one and, his mother, Wanda Madison, stood by his side. The botched investigation conducted by lead detective, Kevin Ratchett, made it very apparent to Wanda that he and, district attorney, Stacey Fingerman, were trying to “railroad” her son. She watched in disbelief as they threatened potential witnesses, coerced witness statements and, committed perjury for the sake of a conviction. It was like watching a bad episode of Law and Order, but this wasn’t TV, it was her Son’s Life they were playing with and, as far as Wanda was concerned, they chose the Wrong One!!!

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