Spotlighting Richard D. Sutton, Author of “Fear of Becoming a Man”

DC Nitelife is spotlighting Richard D. Sutton, who is a Philadelphia native, an author, speaker, and inspiration. He is the author of Fear of Becoming a Man; Inspirational Speaker; Owner of PDQ Management, LLC; Founder of The Amari Academy; and a Financial Literacy Coach.

Mr. Sutton officially released his debut novel in November of 2016. Fear of Becoming a Man chronicles the author’s tale of his struggles with understanding what becoming a man should be. The book tells how the author faced the realization that no one had ever explained to him the difficulties of being a black male. With no true positive role models to help combat the negative impact of society’s degenerate depiction of black men, he faced the arduous journey all while being raised amidst the urban decay of Philadelphia. The author was desperately trying to figure it all out while being counted out due to his educational challenges and his own personal insecurities. Not only is the fear relevant, the fear is real…the fear of becoming a MAN!

Richard is a dynamic speaker who has the ability to captivate his audience with his witty spirit, positive energy, and enthusiasm. From the moment he takes the stage, his energy engages the audience in order for him to reveal to his listeners how to:

  • Minimize and remedy the sting of fear by setting clear goals.
  • Understand manhood through a holistic approach.
  • Identify how self-affirmations impact daily change.
  • Recognize the falsehoods of manhood.
  • Understand what we feed our conscious self impacts our subconscious mind.
  • Understand the importance of credit, banking, and money management.

Richard’s passion for what he does is evident in his humor, paired with his fast-paced delivery style, helps make the time fly while leaving a lasting impression.

The Amari Academy is a nonprofit organization that focuses on young black males between the ages of 12 and 18 years. Mr. Sutton mentors the young men of The Amari Academy on leadership, mindset, understanding true manhood, building and cultivating relationships, financial literacy, and how to treat and speak to a lady. Mentoring through these topics builds our young men into young KINGS!

Richard Sutton’s expertise and experiences extend ten plus years in the banking and finance industry. Richard has a total of six siblings and one son.

You can listen to radio and television interviews, as well as purchase his book from his website . You can keep up with Mr. Sutton’s events through his social media pages, Facebook (mrpdq), Instagram (mrpdq_), Twitter (mr_pdq), and Linkedin (Richard Sutton). For questions and bookings you can email

“I want my transparency to assist in moving beyond fears, self-doubt, and the internal whispers of failure to execute your highest levels of greatness. Let me help you to accept your personal challenges and perfect imperfections as we work together to create a new paradigm and an environment where you can become a better you.”

~ Richard D. Sutton

Fear of Becoming a Man

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