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"State of Justice" Symposium in Prince George's County - DC Nitelife

“State of Justice” Symposium in Prince George’s County

Hello Prince Georgians!

Coming off of a long holiday weekend, this week is a very important week for residents, parents, guardians and most of all, our scholars.  Today, we set the tone for a successful school year for the students of Prince George’s County Public Schools.  Now that summer vacation has ended, I want to congratulate our scholars who are on the move and showing up for this first day of school.  You have my best wishes for an awesome, successful and safe school year!

We are also just one week away from my first State of Justice address.  I am pleased to inform you that some of our guest speakers include U.S. Congressman Steny Hoyer, who will be a special guest panelist; Radio One’s Ebony McMorris, who will serve as Mistress of Ceremonies and WHUR’s Harold Fisher, serving as Co-Moderator for the panel. The State of Justice Symposium is the first of its kind in the County.  Please see below for more information and how to register.

Along with the Symposium, below are more details on other events hosted by my Office that address important issues for the residents of Prince George’s County, such as the Prince George’s County Community Associations Conference. 

Click on the links to register and we hope to see you there!

Your State’s Attorney,

Please join us for the first ever “State of Justice” Symposium in Prince George’s County.  During this event, our State’s Attorney, along with public safety partners and stakeholders, will update Prince Georgians on the state of criminal justice in our County.

If you would like to attend, please register online.

Prince George’s County Community Associations Conference

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