SuNWhoa Love, Gospel Warrior for Christ

DC Nitelife was fortunate to have an opportunity to interview and spotlight this extraordinary young man and he has a powerful message to share with the world through his music!

Living a life devoted to making God famous, SuNWhoa (SuN-Woe) Love, son of the Great Wayne Linsey is a warrior for Christ. This Southern California-based rapper/singer, songwriter, and producer has brought new life to the Gospel genre with his bold style and undeniable gift!


Coming from a musical family, SuNWhoa Love began his journey early writing songs at age of twelve. Influenced by the music of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Kirk Franklin it’s no wonder he was awarded “Best Entertainer” in grade school. SuNWhoa co-founded and performed with a talented rap trio called The Circuit from 2005 until 2010. The group achieved local acclaim sharing stages with greats like KRS-One and E-40 and rocked numerous shows around Los Angeles. In 2010, a musical guest featured on Fuse TV, a growing fan base and industry attention had the young men in route towards certain success. However, SuNWhoa made a choice to leave his seemingly secure future as a secular artist to follow the will of God for his life.

(Video – SuNWhoa Love with sister, Alana Lynne)

He shared Since that day my whole perception done changed. My interest for the whips, chips and chains – diminished. My incentive was more about bringing glory to his name – You get it?  I’m living trying to give, Then I gainÂ -SuNWhoa Love Glory to God,

As a gospel rapper, SuNWhoa has released a solo mix tape entitled, 4:00 AM (Let There Be Light) and an independent solo album called, Kingdom Influence which was released in 2012 and is available digitally worldwide.

Not only does he create music, but he puts his commitment into action in other ways.  SuNWhoa Love serves as Youth Minister in Training at Community Bible Church located in Altadena, CA and works as a youth leader at Washington Middle School and Longfellow Elementary School in North West Pasadena.  His commitment to glorifying God and his style of music transcends religion, trends, genres and traditions.  It also has the potential to reach the hearts and minds of those disconnected from the gospel as well as providing an anthem for those who love the Lord.

The life I lived before I experienced Christ’s love inspires me to continue to make music that’s both relevant and accessible to the world.   (View this one-on-one interview)

Artists like Lauryn Hill, Outkast, 2Pac and even my parents motivated me to grow musically.  They used their gifts to foster a culture that challenged common thought and typical perceptions, and I hope that my music can have the same effect.

The commitment to continue maturing both musically and spiritually makes SuNWhoa’s future bright and there is no telling the great things we can expect from this black samurai warrior. There is no doubt that this young man has a purpose, potential, and a desire to give God all the Glory!

Check out this powerful video by SuNWhoa Love