“The Restroom Kit®” Can Help Protect your Family from Millions of Germs!

William and Sonia Massey winners on season 1 episode 8 of “Steve Harvey’s Funderdome” are the masterminds of the product, The Restroom Kit® (TRK). The kit is the perfect travel companion whether you’re traveling across town, cross-country or internationally. Designed for use in restrooms away from home, The Restroom Kit is the first to-market personal hygiene product of its kind. The compact and portable kit contains a hand wipe, a biodegradable tush wipe, a patented oversized toilet seat cover and one yard of 3-ply toilet paper. As Sonia Massey shared with Steve Harvey and the Funderdome audience; “If this isn’t enough toilet paper, you need to see your doctor!”

TimeAway LLC has developed The Restroom Kit® which is primarily intended to be used in any restroom away from home as a means of deriving improved sanitation for users. Additionally, it will help prevent and/or reduce the spread of disease, bacteria and viruses. When using a public restroom in most cases we use what is there. We have no idea how long a product has been in the restroom; to that end, we really don’t know what’s been done to or with the products. We only know it’s there! The average person doesn’t know that when a toilet is flushed the stool flows down, but some germs and bacteria float up via a flush cloud. The bacterium that floats up may find its way onto the tissue of the next individual’s usage. At home you can still control the amount of cleanliness that goes into your restroom, but in an outside facility you have no control over the cleanliness. So how do you reduce the effect of soiled restroom materials? Simply bring your own! Carry “The Restroom Kit”® by TimeAway LLC.

William ‘Bill’ Massey, is the CEO and founder of TimeAway, LLC and inventor of the prizewinning product The Restroom Kit. TimeAway is an exciting product development company whose mission is to provide practical products at affordable prices. TimeAway, LLC founded in 2011 is located in Clinton, Maryland (part of the Washington, DC metropolitan area). The Restroom Kit is TimeAway’s premier product with many more products yet to come. The Funderdome win was just the beginning! Bill and Sonia both are veterans and small business entrepreneurs who are passionate about improving our quality of life and have a strong desire to give back to the world community. The devastation of the 2017 hurricane season led the Massey’s to donate cases of restroom kits to both the Hurricane Harvey (Texas) and Maria (Puerto Rico) relief efforts.

What is included in the kit?

PATENTED OVERSIZED TOILET SEAT COVER protects user’s bottom from bacteria found on certain restroom surfaces!

3 FEET OF TOILET PAPER for convenience and peace of mind!

Individually wrapped lightly scented HAND WIPE that cleans and sanitizes; lightly scented TUSH WIPE that gives comfort and confidence where you need it!

Packaging Dimensions:

3-3/4” x 2-5/8”

Latched tri-fold paper packaging;

3 pockets of contents

Where is The Restroom Kit available?

It is a compact all-in-one kit providing the four most essential items needed when using an inadequate or unsanitary restroom.

Available online at

Save up to 60% when purchasing multiple packs.


What does The Restroom Kit offer?






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