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Hey Sis!

I am ecstatic about the new developments at the Real Wife Movement!!!!  I declared 2017 OUR year and I trust that you are still a part of this Movement.

Are you ready to go to the next level?  
Are you ready to take your marriages to the next level?  

Good! Because I have great news for you!

I’ve taken a step back to reevaluate what REAL WIVES need to have healthy, happy marriages.

I’ve talked to some of you individually, conducted more research, and have come up with new ways to serve you.  My mission is to build strong marriages and strong families, one wife at a time.

That mission has not changed.

What has changed are the ways that I can support you.

I’ve been praying about conducting webinars, coaching programs, more group support for months and finally, God gave me the push I needed to put some ACTION behind my desires.

Sometimes fear hinders me from moving forward but not anymore!  I know that God has given me this assignment to help YOU.  I can’t deny what God has placed on my heart so I’m stepping out on faith to be there for YOU even more.

I know how it feels to have tough times in a marriage. Since Don and I have healed and are coming up on 18 years of marriage, I am ready and willing to share what I have learned and help you heal your marriages.

I’ve expanded my team, developed new programs, and new ways to support you and your marriages. I can’t wait to share the Real Wife Movement expansion with YOU.

Join me on March 21 at 8 pm for my FREE webinar, Go from Tired to Wired in the Bedroom.  This year my focus is to revitalize intimacy so I am on a mission to help you rekindle the flame in your marriages.  Are you ready?

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I can’t wait to see you!!!


Your Real Wife Coach

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