Wendy Williams Talks Iggy’s Butt & Judge Judy

Wendy Williams has an outrageous opinion about everything. In this episode of I Yahoo’d Myself, the radio host-turned-TV personality sounds off on Zayn Malik’s One Direction exit (and whether she is to blame!); Judge Judy’s sex life; and why the black community has a problem with Iggy Azalea.

Williams, who’s publicly accused Iggy of going under the knife for some booty amplification in the past, tells Yahoo Style’s Nick Axelrod, above: “She admitted the breast [implants], why didn’t she admit to the butt? Stevie Wonder could see that!

Asked why the Internet hates on the Aussie rapper, Williams says it comes down to race, telling us: “To have a girl who’s foreign and white come over here and hook up with our rap kings, my people”and they might not admit this”have a problem with that.

Zayn, meanwhile, has previously incurred Williams’ wrath for NGAF about his band and playing hooky to be with his girlfriend. When Axelrod calls out the talk-show host on possibly contributing to Zayn’s 1D departure with her fiery words, she cops to it, adding: I predict that he will be an absolute flop as a solo act. Damn!

One thing we didn’t expect from the TV host? A girl-crush on Judge Judy Sheindlin, who appeared on her show and made quite the impression. When Judge Judy leaned over and whispered a compliment to Williams (You’ll be on the air a long time), Williams says, My wig caught on fire, I was so happy! She then made us pull up a particularly impressive bikini pic of the 72-year-old judge:

By Yahoo Style Editors
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