WPGC Presented The Reining Queen of Hip Hop Remy Ma and She Killed It at the Fillmore

WPGC presented The Reining Queen of Hip Hop Remy Ma at the Fillmore Silver Spring and all I can say is, SHE KILLED IT!

There was so much anticipation before Remy Ma hit the stage.  The Fillmore was packed and there wasn’t space to even breath because this show had to be sold out and it was obvious that Remy Ma had fans there from every inch of the DMV.  When she approached the stage, it was so much energy in the air and she took off with her singles, we all know so well, “Ante Up,” “Feels So Good,” “Whuteva,” “Lean Back,” “Conceited,” and undoubtedly everyone’s favorite, “ALL THE WAY UP.”

Remy Ma, who is known best for her work with Fat Joe & The Terror Squad in previous years, gave her fans everything they came for.  Of course, she could not let the night go by without throwing much shade to someone who remains nameless, but it was obvious that everyone definitely definitely knew who she was referring to.  Nonetheless, she worked that stage like the pro she is and always will be.

Remy Ma has received two Vibe Awards, two Source Awards, and been nominated for three Grammy Awards so she is in no way a stranger to this business or the stage. Her performance was so on point and she didn’t miss A BEAT!! Not to mention….. everyone in the Fillmore sang and rhymed right along with her. Remy looked so AMAZING!!  Every man’s eyes in the Fillmore Silver Spring were glued on REMY MA!!

Before Remy Ma took the stage, everyone were ready after the previous performances by DJ Miss H.E.R., Asia Levelle, and Pinky KillaCorn that were great and got the audience more than ready for Remy Ma.  These ladies were HOT and on point!!!  Definitely expect to see big things coming for both artists as well as Remy brought Pinky KillaCorn back on stage during her performance because she wanted everyone to know how good she is and how much she supported her.

WPGC 95.5’s Poet Taylor, Sunni and the City, and the One and Only, Tony Redz hosted the event and held it down as usual as well as, put on their own show in between the artists which kept the crowd BEYOND PUMPED UP!!

If you missed this show, then you missed something so special and I’m not even sure it can be duplicated because it was like that…….TURNT ALL THE WAY UP!!!


Article by JV Jones and Photography by Mike Ware

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